ORACLE Instance orcl1 - Archival Error. Archiver continuing.

有灾备库的主库报错 ORACLE Instance test- Archival Error. Archiver continuing.

The Problem here is that the Primary Database is switching Logs too frequently.

Using ARCH to send the archives, every time there’s a log switch the Primary has to send the Archivelog to the Standby, meanwhile another Log Switch occurred on the Primary which causes also another Archivelog to be sent to the Standby, but the first one has not finished yet, a GAP is formed and detected by the Standby. At this Time the first Archivelog is also sent as FAL Request, but this one will fail because the first one is still being archiving, locked, so the second one fails.


Ignore these Messages as long as the Standby Database keeps synchronized with the Primary
Database Increase the Size of the Online Redologs to reduce Redolog Switch Frequency
Increase Network Bandwith between the Primary and Standby Database


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