EMC Unity Sizer

EMC Unity Sizer is a modern HTML5 based sizing tool for Unity. Through SSO (Single Single-ON), built-in best practices and ordering integration tool aims for ease of use and smooth workflow. The one-stop tool design allows many different ways to create a sized system configuration. Such ways include System Designer, NAR/MiTrend, Application Oriented, Advanced Performance, Simple Performance and Quick Configuration. Each sizing path help can be found in the left side menu.

Unity Sizer provides a performance estimate for each configuration. Different estimating methods are used for different paths, and estimate will show a result well below the absolute maximum performance capability for the system, in accordance with Best Practice recommendations for production deployment. This is known as “Saturation”. The true 100% saturation level depends on many factors. In paths with more detailed configuration and workload inputs, it is shown as percentage of total system capability. In paths with more limited inputs, the results are similarity de-rated from maximums, but a specific number is not currently reported.

《EMC Unity Sizer》

《EMC Unity Sizer》


NOTE: It is required to access this tool by EMC Service Partner Account.


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